Fierce and Fabulous at 40!

So in a month and some change, I will be the BIG 40!  


At one point in my life, I never thought that I would make it to my 30’s and now I pressing my way to the fabulous 40’s. Often I would hear so many people say in a dreadful voice, “I am about to turn 40.” Now I hear  “I am glad I have made it to 40.”

Last year, I made a list entitled, “38 and ticking”, so now I am 39 and counting down to my 40th celebration of LIFE and I am fine with that. 

Since last year, I have lost some family members, rekindled my love for God, becoming financially fit, working on being healthy, and just being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

So often, I have not reflected on the important things in my life, I just existed and did what I thought was the best thing to do, for the sake of others and not myself. I am still learning and growing at this ripe age of 40 but I know it is for the better.

Things that I have learned!

  1. CHEER for YOURSELF. You do not need a group or an audience to let you know that you are doing great. Just a few will do, my little family does that for me.
  2. You are not going to be LIKED or LOVED by everyone. As long as you LOVE yourself and you have a few who always show you LOVE, then those are the ones that you FOCUS on.
  3. NEVER became so distracted that you miss what/who you NEED! Keep your eyes on the REWARD!
  4. GET RID OF THOSE EXPECTATIONS!!!!!! Thanks @KEGarland.
  6. Most importantly—BE U! The REAL U is better than THE FAKE U anyday!


Life begin when YOU make the changes that are needed to make YOU HAPPY!


©Life may not go as you planned, but Life is worth LIVING!-Alitha Hawkins

…and the celebration continues!



On 12/12/2015, my husband became a COLLEGE GRADUATE!!!!  YIPPEEE!!!

After being out of college for nearly 13 years, he made a commitment to himself and his family to go back.  In 2013, he returned to Fort Valley State University, changed his major, and the dream was finally cultivated on 12/12/2015.

It was an awesome and epic experience.  He is the first of his mother’s children to become a COLLEGE GRADUATE!

Many late nights and early mornings, final exams, some sleepless nights, coming home from work after 12 hours to study and to watch his dream materialize was a great feeling.  Being his wife, being there for support , and probably getting on his nerves at times, stressing him out, I know that I could not be any prouder of him.

He showed our children that no matter what, “NEVER GIVE UP!” When times got hard, he could have called it QUITS! Some nights, I sat up with him to help because not only was this changing his life, it was affecting our lives.

There are two goals that were achieved with him graduating:

  • Achieving a College Education
  • Providing a better life for his family

Not often, do you see a black male who is doing something positive and being a family man.

Thank God it is over!

So here are some pictures of the celebration! By the way, this was the best birthday gift I could have asked for!

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Happy Reading! I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂


Birthday Eve

Today is the eve of my 39th birthday!   Yippee!! It is a little scary thinking that I am getting older, I want that!

But as I reflect on tomorrow today, I will be blowing out 39 candles!

Fifteen years ago, I was ready to have all my candles blown out FOREVER! I had made the choice to end it all.

This is my life now. I am still here, I am still standing, I am still learning, I am still growing!

It took that time for me to grow, understand, and learn that I AM WORTH IT!

I AM WORTH the LOVE!love





Thank God for SAVING AND SPARING MY LIFE!!! I have a job to do and I will do it to the best of my abilities!


Happy Reading and Enjoy!

“Life may not go as planned, but it is WORTH LIVING!”-Alitha Hawkins


Disclaimer: I do not own these images. I got them from Google.

38 & Ticking!

So in a few weeks, I will be turning 39!  Whoop! Whoop! Yes, I am looking great for 39, almost 40!

Reading my fellow blogger, I am V., 20 Life Lessons, so I was inspired to create my own life lessons (39 to be exact). I could come up with more easily but I will add to them each year.

So here goes! I hope you enjoy!

  1. Always put God first! It has taken me a long time to understand this. I had a solid foundation as a child but didn’t understand my relationship with God was/is essential.
  2. Never GIVE UP! No matter how bleak it may seem, there is a PEAK!
  3. BE U!!! Be who YOU ARE! It may take years of finding yourself, loving yourself, but NEVER let someone define who you are!lessons-learned-in-life-8
  4. It’s OKAY if you don’t have it all together!
  5. As a mother, I learned that I have to love my children differently. They each have their own personality which means they have their own “LOVE” personality.
  6. My mantra, “Life may not go as you planned, but LIFE is worth LIVING.” At one point in my life, it wasn’t worth living. I popped some Tylenol PM and drank a couple of double deuces and laid down. It was a wrap for me, but, GOD had a different plan.Find your purpose! This is the reason that you are HERE! This is the reason that you live and breathe. God has equipped you with the vision.lowest
  7. Everyone has a cheer leading section. Find those who are applauding for you and keep them close!
  8. Know your ROLE! Sometimes you have to sit on the bench and it will be okay. Mano Ginobli is great at being the 6th man.
  9. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!emojilaugh
  10. Don’t let them see you as a stereotype! Cultivate who you are.
  11. Know when to be “Gangsta” and “Professional”.
  12. SILENCE is GOLDEN! Everything doesn’t deserve a response.
  13. Pick your battles.
  14. Wine keeps me SANE!winos
  15. Laugh until you pee!
  16. Cry until the tears stop on their own.
  17. Live like there is no tomorrow.
  18. Make time for yourself.
  19. Peace of mind outweighs everything.
  20. Try. Try Hard! No one can say that you didn’t try.
  21. Say SOMETHING! Let them know how you feel. It doesn’t matter whether they like it or not.
  22. Give from the HEART! Don’t expect anything in return.
  23. It is okay to say “NO”. Learned the hard way. I was a “yes” girl, always wanting make sure everyone was alright.
  24. NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!
  25. Remember Character is everything.
  26. First impressions are lasting impressions!
  27. Keep your word…I have lost this many a times.
  28. I tell my children, give better than your best.
  29. Follow your DREAMS/VISIONS no matter what!
  30. Spend as much time with the people you love.
  31. Haters are your driving force!
  33. Success is how high you bounce when you have hit rock bottom!
  34. Keep it simple! I like SIMPLE!
  36. Be PASSIONATE about something!
  37. Be with someone who makes you laugh, who will wipe away your tears, and always be there for you.
  38. Treat others the way you want to be treated!

KARMA is _____! She is wearing 6 inch stilettos and is ready to walk all over you. What you put out in the UNIVERSE, you will get in return!stiletto



Happy Birthday to ME!!!! Happy Reading! What are some life lessons that you have learned? How have they shaped your life?


Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images. I got them from google search.

A Worthy Celebration-38 things I LOVE ABOUT HIM!


Today, my wonderful husband celebrates another year of life!  I get to spend my day with the man who chose to spend the rest of his life with me! He is 38 years young today!  So I decided to create a list of the 38 things I love about him!

  1. His smile! It is so genuine.
  2. His Heart! He will give you the world.
  3. His full lips!!!  😘😘
  4. His love for his family and friends.
  5. His honesty…you know what you’re going to get.
  6. His WIFE!!!👰
  7. DRIVE!…He returned to college after being out for 13 years to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He will be graduating in December!!!! Whoo-Hoo
  8. His cooking!
  9. He is a PROVIDER!
  10. HIS HUGS!!!
  11. HIS EYES!
  13. His naturally curly hair!
  14. He puts us first.
  15. His NEW attitude!
  16. His LOVE!
  17. His SWAG!!!
  20. His jokes!
  21. His ANALYTICAL MIND! He questions everything!!!!!
  22. He is LOUD!
  23. His dancing!
  24. His frugality! Keeps me in check!
  25. I didn’t realize how hard this was!
  26. His laugh!
  27. His smell!
  28. His gap!
  29. His handyman’s capabilities! Thanks YouTube!
  30. His sarcasm… We go back and forth!
  31. His playful attitude.
  32. He continues to romance me after 17 years!
  33. He continues to love me and all my flaws!
  34. I love him and all his flaws!
  35. His love of God! This should have been first but I was just going with the flow!
  36. His support!
  37. His cleanliness!

I just love everything there is to love about him! He is my comforter, my lover, and my best friend!