Fierce and Fabulous at 40!

So in a month and some change, I will be the BIG 40!  


At one point in my life, I never thought that I would make it to my 30’s and now I pressing my way to the fabulous 40’s. Often I would hear so many people say in a dreadful voice, “I am about to turn 40.” Now I hear  “I am glad I have made it to 40.”

Last year, I made a list entitled, “38 and ticking”, so now I am 39 and counting down to my 40th celebration of LIFE and I am fine with that. 

Since last year, I have lost some family members, rekindled my love for God, becoming financially fit, working on being healthy, and just being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend.

So often, I have not reflected on the important things in my life, I just existed and did what I thought was the best thing to do, for the sake of others and not myself. I am still learning and growing at this ripe age of 40 but I know it is for the better.

Things that I have learned!

  1. CHEER for YOURSELF. You do not need a group or an audience to let you know that you are doing great. Just a few will do, my little family does that for me.
  2. You are not going to be LIKED or LOVED by everyone. As long as you LOVE yourself and you have a few who always show you LOVE, then those are the ones that you FOCUS on.
  3. NEVER became so distracted that you miss what/who you NEED! Keep your eyes on the REWARD!
  4. GET RID OF THOSE EXPECTATIONS!!!!!! Thanks @KEGarland.
  6. Most importantly—BE U! The REAL U is better than THE FAKE U anyday!


Life begin when YOU make the changes that are needed to make YOU HAPPY!


©Life may not go as you planned, but Life is worth LIVING!-Alitha Hawkins

My Perfect Ruby!!!


Today is her birthday! ruby (1)

I honestly don’t know where I would be without HER!  She’s given me LIFE!  She is part of the reason that I am here today. She’s the WOMAN that I strive to be.  I don’t need DIAMONDS, I have a RUBY!!! She can be loud and boisterous at times. She’s a very hard working woman. She’s a loving mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, and most of all God-fearing woman. She’s my perfect Ruby!  

I chose to name my blog in honor of her and to whom I strive to be!  I am “A Flawed Ruby!”  She is perfect in every way.  I have some big shoes to fill as being a wife, mother, daughter,sister, aunt, friend, and God Fearing.  Thank God, not a “G-Mama” yet…..

She will give you the shirt off her back and the shoes off her feet and all she asks in return is that you take care of them.  I know we all have the perfect mom…I know I do!  We have had our share of fights and disagreements but it was for the both of us.  We both had to learn to grow and go.  My mother is one who will hang on to you for dear life…she doesn’t want to let her children go. Cutting the apron strings, NEVER HAPPENED….they just became LONGER!!!

 I talk with her nearly everyday, we don’t see each other like we used to…we both work at night and are sleeping during the day.  My heart smiles around 3:30 am when I get a text from her and she asks, “Am I OK?” , when we’re both working. I know that I am on her mind….she’s so SELFLESS.  If only I could be as perfect as her.  

My gem is named “Ruby.” I don’t need any other stones.  She is my perfect Ruby and I am her flawed gem. 548859_4706130166194_1686944158_n