OMG, 7 years!

Hi All,

I am back. So much has gone on in these last 7 years…where do I begin!

  1. I am DIVORCED! I finally got up enough courage to say “BOY BYE!” You can read that on my other blog “Nurses speak out loud” and the blog post “Catching Flights”.
  2. I became a published author. If you know of some one who is going through a divorce or just starting over, recommend my book of devotionals.
  3. I am still a NURSE! Covid came and I am burnt out and returning to writing is what calmed and soothed my soul.
  4. I am a Nana x 2 to amazing and wonderful girls.
  5. I am healing! I am on a journey of self love, self awareness, self accountability, SELF EVERYTHING!
  6. I am older, lol!
  7. I went to therapy.
  8. I tried dating….to be continued.
  9. I am just focusing on myself and my new normal.

Happiness Tag Challenge

Challenged by fellow blogger, @athomaspointofview…what makes me happy.

I was challenged by fellow blogger, Tikeetha from to let everyone know what makes me happy and five songs that make me feel GREAT! Challenge Accepted!

So often as we go through our daily lives and do not reflect on what makes us HAPPY. Thanks tikeethathomas, for allowing me to reflect on what makes me Happy!


  • My family makes me happy. My family makes me happy. I love when we’re together and able to talk and share our day with each other. I don’t know where I would be if He had not blessed me with them. They are my lifeline. Being a mother and wife is who I am and what I do.
  • Chocolate. I love any and everything chocolate, wait, I do not care for dark chocolate. Give me a pack of Reese’s cup, a Mr. Good bar, a Hershey bar, and we are besties.
  • Helping others. Being a nurse is my chosen profession and it is what I do. I love helping people. There are times that I wish I could do more but I do what I can.
  • Sleep. This is a problem. I work the night shift and so therefore while many of you are sleep, I am wide awake. When I get off, I crash and burn. I do not wake up for several hours. When I am off, I sleep. I sleep, I sleep, I sleep. It makes me happy to get some sleep but it also hinders me.
  • Writing. I have loved writing since I could remember. I am at my happiest when I can write to inspire. My imagination was better when I was younger but I have to go back and get in my “happy” place. Maybe if I get the chocolate and some sleep, my imagination will come.



Five Songs that makes me GREAT!


“Rise Up”-Andra Day (LOVE HER VOICE)

“Intentional”-Travis Greene



“Happy”-Pharrell Williams



So here’s my challenge to you, yeah you, take the time to let us know what makes you happy? If you choose to accept this challenge, be careful, you may inspire someone else.

Love you, beautiful people!

The Tennis Sisters:Dominating and Dynamic

Those grunts can be heard around the world! When they are on the tennis courts, they are a force to be reckoned with, together and separate. The Williams’ sisters have dominated the world of tennis since they were teenagers, nearly 20 years. They have definitely placed their stamp on it.


Who are the little black girls with beads and braids?  I remember watching them on television and thinking, black girls in tennis? They have their hair in braids, they are the same color as I am.

Venus Ebony Starr Williams has been ranked No. 1 on three occasions. She became the first black American woman to be ranked No. 1 in February 2002. She has gone on to win several major titles individually and while playing in mixed doubles and doubles with her sister Serena. Venus has not been as dominate as her sister, but, she has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with. They have faced each other on numerous occasions and has created one of the best rivalries in tennis. Venus has missed several tournaments because for health reasons but she has come back to defeat some ranked opponents. Venus has also been a spokesperson for the equality of women salaries in professional tennis.venuswilliamsreddress2005.jpg

Serena Jameka Williams is the younger sister of Venus. She is the greatest female tennis player of all times. Serena’s accolades and achievements go on and on. She is 3rd on the all time Grand Slam list with 21 and is chasing Steffi Graf. Last year, she faced a heartbreaking defeat as she was chasing history in the U. S. Open. Serena is the second highest paid female athlete in 2015. She was named Sportsperson of the Year for 2015 by Sports Illustrated.


Get to know your HISTORY!

Happy Reading and Enjoy! 🙂


DISCLAIMER: This information was found on Wikipedia.

Images were found on by performing a search.

LOVE is…

Love is soothing, 

Love is calm,

Love is what you want in the perfect storm.

Love is caring, 

Love is kind,

Love will give you peace of mind.

Love is painful, 

Love is true,

Love will make you do silly things out the blue.

Love is somber, 

Love is sweet,

Love will make the messiest person neat.

Love is caring, 

Love is true,

I am so glad that, I LOVE YOU!

LOVE is what it does!  Don’t just tell me, I want you to show me!

Happy Reading! I hope you enjoy!

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You’re MARRIED, BYE!?!?

You’re MARRIED!?

Say, WHAT!!!!!

You didn’t have on a ring. You never said anything.

No wonder, I never came to your house.

No wonder, I was never invited to any family gatherings.

That is why you always came to see me at my apartment, but only stayed for a few hours…

That is why you always went in the bathroom to use the phone.

That is why we always went to Redbox instead of going to the movies.

No wonder, I only saw you on the weekends.

That is why I never met your friends. That is why we couldn’t go out on a real date.

So I saw your pictures on Facebook and then I realized, he’s not my guy. He belongs to her. What a beautiful family?



Happy Reading and Enjoy!

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The Scales have TIPPED!!!

Update: NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Wait! I am no longer at that job! I have not weighed myself since I originally published this post. I have been monitoring my blood pressure this year and it has started to go up…not thrilled about that. I absolutely have to do better. I think that it is stress related.

While at work, I thought it would be an adventure to go and tip the scales!  The scale TIPPED in the WRONG DAMN DIRECTION! Thinking to myself, “this cannot be right!”, as I am walking off with a cold can Pepsi in my hand.  Really?  I am weighing my options, talking to myself as I walk back to my unit.

“Are you going to drink this Pepsi after you just weighed yourself?”

“Yes, I am.”  I had gone above my limit, so why not enjoy this cold Pepsi.

I must admit, I am not an active woman.  I do not have an active lifestyle.  I am a nurse who works 12 hours on the night shift, a wife who has to make time for all of my “wifely” duties…doing great in some areas, a mother who has  four children to take care of which is in college, so the scales have TIPPED, and I MEAN TIPPED!

I was okay with my 200 lb. frame.  I’m tall at 5’9” and it does not look like I am over 200 pounds, 14 pounds to be exact.  I mean in the last month and that’s not health at all.  People always tell me, “you’re tall and you carry it well.”  It’s not MUSCLE, it’s FAT! I’m still P.H.A.T(Pretty Hot And Thick)! LOL!!

Working at night, I sleep during the day.  I do not get up to do anything EXTRA! I have a sedentary lifestyle, I admit. I get up to use the bathroom, get something to drink, and very little to eat. I snack at work, which is the problem.  I have definitely got to make some changes.  I am healthy, no BP problems.  I am not a diabetic, even though it runs in my family.  I am almost 39 years old and I have to make some serious lifestyle changes.  There may not be any issues right now, but if I continue to do nothing, there may be on horizon.

I seem to lack the motivation to get started, like many Americans.  It’s not until something goes horribly wrong that many of us start to make some lifestyle changes.  As a nurse, I know what is right.  I know what I need to do. I can tell everyone else what they should do, but I am not telling myself.  I have a husband, 4 children who are 19, 15, 11, and 8 and I want to be around to see them become productive adults.  I SEE MY MOTIVATION!!!

feet on a bathroom scale - isolated

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15 Life Facts You Need to Accept Immediately

“You and you alone are responsible for where you are in life”. Dream Big Dream Often is a blog that I follow and he offers so much inspiration and motivation.

More “MOM”ents (moments) from 2015!

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So my Jayla was just looking at my title and said, “Did you know there is “MOM” in moments! So this is dedicated to the “MOM”ents of 2015!

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Ready to make more MOMents in 2016!!!!!

Happy New Year!


These are my pictures! The other pictures were found on google.

Moments of 2015!

For me 2015 has been one HELL of a YEAR!  I have learned and gained, I have failed and learned, and I have suffered loss and I have gained a new love of who I am.

I lost my grandmother on February 20, 2015.  She was our matriarch and I have yet to grieve like a “normal” person. Being a nurse, I comfort and I nurture everyone else but I have no one who comforts or nurtures me…well I don’t let the ones around me see me weak, see me vulnerable. I have to be strong for everyone else.  I watched her deteriorate for more than a year and I guess I had grasped the fact that she would be leaving us soon. She was 93 years young.

Addie Wright
Addie Josie Wright

Addie J. Wright was a homemaker, a loving and kind woman, a woman of God, a missionary, a steward, a great cook and baker and most of all my grandmother.

She grew up in Archery, Georgia. A small community outside of Plains, Ga. The same place where our 39th President Jimmy Carter hails from.  Yes, she played with James Earl “Jimmy” Carter Jr.

My grandmother really isn’t my grandmother, but she is the only one that I know.  This wonderful woman and her husband, took in her sister’s children after she was killed by her boyfriend. She had four little girls and my grandmother didn’t hesitate to take care of them like they were her own. She and my grandfather didn’t have any children at this time and so she opened her heart and her home to my mother and her sisters, after many years she eventually had a daughter of her own.

Her house was open to anyone and everyone.  It was the gathering place for her family.  She cooked on a wood stove for many years and that was some of the best soul food you would eat.  Her grandchildren would get off the bus after school and she would have dinner ready for us. I loved her cheeseburger macaroni, that was my favorite dish that she made. She would bake a mean caramel cake as well.  I loved to watch her in the kitchen because everything was made from scratch and with love.

In a couple of months, it will be a year that she will be gone. I will always remember that night she passed. She had been in the hospital for a few days in CCU and then transferred to the floor. We decided that Hospice would be best for her. We didn’t want her to suffer anymore, but, it took some convincing for my mother and my aunts. I had visited with her most of the day on the 19th at the hospital, just spending some quality time with her, but, she and I had a special moment when she was in CCU a few days before.

I received a call from my mom and she was telling me that they had to move her to another room because the room she was in had flooded. That was around 8:00 pm that night. My husband and I were laying in the bed later that night about 11:45 pm or a little later and we both felt a sensation, a calming spirit and my phone begin to ring. It was my mom, she said we need to go to the hospital, she is gone.  We both got up, put on our clothes and out the door we went.

At the hospital, it was like she was asleep. I told her that I loved her. I made sure that she was cleaned up before the funeral home came in to take her. I did what I knew to do, what I did as a nurse, for the families that I take care of. It wasn’t necessarily a job for me, but it was my way of saying, “I love you and that you are my world.”

A few days later she had a great home going service. I didn’t go to the burial site and I haven’t been to this day.

I know she lives in my heart.

Happy Reading and Enjoy!


“Life may not go as you planned, but it is worth Living!”-Alitha Hawkins



Momma, no tree stand?

Yes, I know that Christmas is only a few days away and I have yet to put up the Christmas tree.

This is the first year that we will not have a Christmas tree.

Why, you may ask?

Here’s the answer. Last year when the kids took down the tree, they have no clue where they put the tree stand. They usually put everything back in the box, but, unfortunately, EVERYTHING was not put in the box.

Okay, nothing was put in the box. It was one of their great ideas to just take the Christmas tree and put it in the storage house. REALLY?????

I am not going to buy another tree…GRINCH, yep!!!  grinch

Life Lessons: 1. Make sure you put things back where they belong.


Great teaching/life lessons, right?  I know.

Maybe they will take this into consideration, keep looking until you find it!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Reading and I hope you enjoy!

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